It’s been six years of tears and ignoring my fears,
while I’ve found it impossible to forget the smear campaign against me.

You know what you did

when you spread lies about me and I spent days hid
in my bedroom, afraid of your friends and of you.
I still scream because none of them know that it’s true
that you stopped me from breathing, you spread outright lies.
When I told you you’d hurt me you acted surprised
and you cried and apologised, made me think I was to blame
I believed you, hating myself, slumped, full of shame.

But I’m letting it go now, not wasting my time.
I’ve a reason to smile and a life that is mine,
not controlled by another. I’m finally free
and the only thing holding me back now is me.
So I’m letting go of sadness, of anger that consumes.

The flowers are finally starting to bloom.


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