It's been six years of tears and ignoring my fears, while I've found it impossible to forget the smear campaign against me. You know what you did when you spread lies about me and I spent days hid in my bedroom, afraid of your friends and of you. I still scream because none of them … Continue reading Bloom


Gender stereotypes are worsening experiences of mental health

Something's different today. I'm always angry about something. Whatever it is, whether something huge or something tiny, I don't think a day's passed where I haven't burned with rage since about 1994. Today however, following the death of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington at the age of 41, I feel sad. Really fucking sad. I have … Continue reading Gender stereotypes are worsening experiences of mental health


The BBC salaries were announced today and continued the argument for equal pay. I don't understand, whether woman or man, anyone could agree that someone's salary shouldn't be based on merit. Are we worth less than men? I don't think that it's true but at times when it feels like despite what you do it … Continue reading Entitled


A funeral procession passed by today. The flowers spelled a different name But the grief I felt was just the same. You can't just read┬áSmoke Gets In Your Eyes, wave your copy around as you tell everyone that death is just a part of life - something that will happen to all of us. There's … Continue reading Grief


You might have to wait 'til October but I would run through thunderstorms and wander straight through knee high thorns through moments tough and nights forlorn to be there beside you. You might have to wait 'til October but I would swim across the sea and climb the highest redwood tree to find a moment … Continue reading October